Why Taxi-Money ?

Taxi-Money is a solution brought forth to solve certain problems of our society such as drunk driving, safe travelling for the elderly and safe travelling of young people.


    • Drinking and driving

Taxi-Money Taxi-Money is a positive addition to the solutions offered to all the drivers who wish to get around but who can not drive their vehicules because they are under the influence.

Driving while under the influence or while impaired refers to the comsomption of drugs, medication or alcohol which afects a person's ability to drive a motor vehicule at the time of his arrest.

  We are all aware...
Should I drive my car? Have I had too much to drink? Should I take a cab? How will I get my car in the morning? What will my friends think of me? Remember...
 No, no, I'll be just fine!
I'll be carefull... Thank's again, see you tomorrow!

How many times have you let your guests drive all the while doubting their ability to get safely home?

Sure, not everyone can afford a taxi will you say. The truth is, people will do anything to drive their car! Haven't you ever driven your car after having a few drinks? "I'm just a bit tipsy" we tell ourselves while risking getting arrested or facing even worst consequences.

In Quebec, the 0,08 blood alcool limit as well as the frustrations and dangers that come with it have become important and constant preoccupations . Such preoccupations are also on the minds of motorists in every industrialized country.

The Taxi-Money, the priceless money that saves lives.

For more information regarding drinking and driving please consult MADD




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Elderly People

Taxi-Money contributes to helping elderly people to keep and inhence their autonomy.

We know that getting around can get complicated for the seniors, even more so during the cold season. With the loss of certain physical abilities such as sight, hearing and mobility, visits to friends and families, running errands and social outings can get quite difficult.

Anyone who has had to witness the loss of the driver's licence of a relative knows how distressing this can be for aging people. The psychological consequences of such a loss are heavy of meaning for the elderly, making them feel that they are becoming dependant on their families, their freinds and social services. More importantly, they feel like they are losing their freedom of movement and their autonomy.

Taxi is one of the best solutions for senior citizens. Unfortunately, when going into retierement, most people lose part of their income, thus part of their buying power. Taxi-Money gives them back some of that lost freedom.By shopping wisely in participating businesses, they recieve and accumulate Taxi-Money reward dollars that allow them the luxury to afford a private driver by choosing to take a cab. Socialy implicated businesses who care for their customers reward them with Taxi-Money bills.



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Youth security

Taxi-Money is a tool that contributes to the safe transportation of young people, either after a prom party or in any other situation.

How many times have your children asked to be picked up after a party with freinds? Sure you've been asked by your teenaged children :Dad? Can I borrow the car for the evening?  Like every parent, you care for your children and their safety. You dont want to put their life at risk on that night where it's not convenient for you to drop them off at a friend's house. By prividing your children with a Taxi-Money reward dollar card, you ensure that they travel safely and that the money you give them is spent to that purpose only.

Taxi-Money , the solution for the safe travelling of people of all ages.

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